Multimedia Resources

KAWA has converted all the completed textbooks into e-content library of educational resources covers videos, simulations, quizzes,, images, web links, innovative virtual laboratories and fill/march exercises. These are to be installed in the school labs to be used offline. All resources for sciences and arts for UCE and UACE are ready for installation starting August 2016 and to be updated throughout the five year period

 Schools need to have access to a wide range of relevant, high-quality digital content, which serves to support learners at all stages of our education system.

Teachers especially in Arts subjects like geography struggle to explain topics like Problems of New York, the Prairies of Canada and the impressive features of the great barrier reefs in Mombasa, the places they have never been to yet using a video in class can provide a visually beautiful and immersive learning experience. Students these days would rather watch a video than study from text books.

There is now an opportunity for teachers, students and parents/guardians to reduce reliance on textbooks and move in a planned way towards alternative forms of content that may include teacher or student-generated resources.

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