Learn with Grandma


Learn with Grandma is an Intergenerational Learning Project that was started by Mrs. Valerie Wood Gaiger of Wales, UK. Learn with Grandma focuses on using technology to bridge the gap between the young generation and the Pre digital natives as a way of learning from each other.

Learn with Grandma is about making the most of the time spent with grandchildren and helping to closing the digital age divide. It is about encouraging people to share skills across the generations and to have fun together.

Grandparents have always been involved in child care and education but in there has been a dramatic social change in recent years with more and more grandparents actively involved in caring for their grandchildren on a regular basis.
Greater mobility has lead to a change in the traditional extended family structure.
High levels of unemployment for people aged over 50 and for young people.
Dramatic social changes because of the rapid extended use of modern technology has lead to a digital divide between the generations.


1. To encourage parents & grandparents to instil a love of learning; create lasting memories & have FUN with their grandchildren.
2. To encourage respect between the generations and the transfer of skills across the generations – older people learning technology skills from their children and grandchildren and younger people learning traditional skills from the older generations – especially skills that would enable older people to retrain for suitable employment and for the younger generation to learn traditional skills that could lead to employment..
3. To create local & internet support networks for grandparents, parents & children.
4. To encourage the establishment of social enterprises that would employ young people and those aged 50+.
5. To work with organisations throughout UK to promote our aims.
6. To work with organisations in other countries to promote our aims internationally.

Learn with Grandma Patrons:

Dr Mark Boulter: The Right Reverend Wyn Evans, Bishop of St Davids’: Daphne Fowler (of Eggheads fame) & Cllr Meryl Gravell (former Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council): Actress & grandma Menna Trussler (Pobol y cwm, Jam & Jerusalem): Professor Sugata Mitra (Professor of Educational Technology): Peter Black AM: Rhodri Morgan (retired Leader of The Welsh Assembly Government):

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