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This wonderful course is an invitation to YOU to join the ICT world and embrace the new pattern of development …


    This wonderful course is an invitation to YOU to join the ICT world and embrace the new pattern of development in education. You are important. Do not make yourself a minus in their 21st century world.



    The candidate shall be able to:

    •  Work with documents and save them in different file formats.
    • Choose built-in options such as the Help function to enhance productivity.
    • Create and edit small-sized word processing documents that will be ready to
      share and distribute.
    • Apply different formats to documents to enhance them before distribution
      and recognize good practice in choosing the appropriate formatting options.
    • Insert tables, images and drawn objects into documents.
    • Prepare documents for mail merge operations.
    • Adjust document page settings and check and correct spelling before finally
      printing documents.

    This Module was made possible due to the efforts and encouragement provided by a variety of people around the world. Special thanks are due to two pioneering organizations working on computers in education in Uganda who provided advice and materials: Schoolnet Uganda, Computers for Schools and Crescent Future Kids. Three international development aid organizations: Camara, VVOB and IICD, also deserve special recognition for their contributions to this document and the efforts they are making to use ICT as a tool for development and education in
    Uganda and elsewhere.

    Digital literacy is having an increasingly important impact on individuals, communities and societies as the world becomes more technology-dependent, and the information society and knowledge economy become increasingly global.

    Kisubi Associated Writers Agency works with communities, local and regional authorities, governments, international stakeholders, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and other development-orientated organisations around the world to promote digital literacy, and to deliver ICT skills development across all
    key sectors. The project involves use of modules that will be given to all teachers taking up the course.

    There will be testing centres in prominent secondary schools and colleges all over the country. The training takes five months after which one will be issued a valid certificate.

    By the end of the course, each participants will have covered the following

    • Module 1 – Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
    • Module 2 – Using the Computer and Managing Files
    • Module 3 – Word Processing
    • Module 4 – Spreadsheets
    • Module 5 – Using Databases
    • Module 6 – Presentation
    • Module 7 – Web Browsing and Communication



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