Uganda Certificate of Education

The content provided here is for Ordinary level classes ranging from Senior One to Senior Four. The subjects are linked to different pages where the details in terms subject papers and course units are given.

Core Subjects in Secondary Schools

1. Mathematics
2. English Language
3. Biology
4. Chemistry
5. Physics
6. Geography
7. History
8. Physical Education (Non-examinable)

Elective School Subjects

1. Foreign Languages (Latin, Arabic, French, German)

2. Local Languages (Kiswahili, Luganda)

3. Christian Religious Education

5. Islamic Religious Education

6. Literature in English

6. Music

7. Fine Art

8. Agriculture

9. Computer Studies

10. Entrepreneurship Education

11. Commerce

12. Technical Education (Technical Drawing/ Woodwork/Metal Work)

13. Home Economics (Home Management/Food and Nutrition/Clothing and Textile)

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