Nwoya District

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Nwoya District is a district in Northern Uganda. Like most districts in Uganda, it is named after its main municipal, administrative and commercial center, Nwoya, the location of the district headquarters.
Nwoya District is bordered by Amuru District to the north, Gulu District to the northeast, Oyam District to the east, Kiryandongo DistrictMasindi District and Buliisa District to the south. Nebbi District lies to the west of Nwoya District. Nwoya, the main political, administrative and commercial center in the district, is located approximately 44 kilometres (27 mi), by road, southwest of the city of Gulu, the largest metropolitan area in the sub-region. This location is approximately 330 kilometres (210 mi), by road, north of the city of KampalaUganda‘s capital and largest metropolitan area.
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