Lamwo District

Lamwo District is a district in Northern Uganda. Like most other Ugandan districts, it is named after its ‘chief town’, Lamwo, where the district headquarters are located.

Lamwo District is bordered by Southern Sudan to the north, Kitgum District to the east and southeast, Pader District to the south, Gulu District to the southwest and Amuru District to the west. Lamwo, the ‘chief town’ in the district is located approximately 66 kilometres (41 mi), by road, northwest of Kitgum, the nearest large town.

Lamwo District was established by Act of Parliament and it became functional on 01 July 2009. Prior to that, it was part of Kitgum District. Lamwo District is part of the larger Acholi sub-region, which consists of Agago DistrictAmuru DistrictGulu DistrictKitgum District, Lamwo DistrictNwoya District and Pader District.

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