Gulu District

KAWA in Gulu District

Gulu District is a Districts_of_Uganda”>district in Northern Uganda. The district is named after its chief municipal, administrative and commercial center, the town of Gulu.

Gulu District is bordered by Lamwo District to the north, Pader District to the east, Oyam District to the south, Nwoya District to the southwest andAmuru District to the west. The district headquarters at Gulu are located approximately 340 kilometres (210 mi), by road, north of Uganda‘s capital city, Kampala. The coordinates of the district are: 02 45N, 32 00E.

KAWA carried out the ICT sensetization seminar that took place in the District Council hall as shown in the photos in the above sliders. The list of secondary schools that participated in the programme follows. the primary schools will be uploaded later.

Alliance High School

P.O.Box 567, Gulu

Tel: 0772579586

Private UNEB No: U1425 Mixed, Partly Boading, Non-Use School

Awach Secondary School


Tel: 0772534541

Government Aided UNEB No: U0289   O’level USE School, Day

Awere Secondary School


Tel: 0772680665

Government Aided UNEB No: U0278  A’levl USE School, Day

Bp. Angelo Negri College, Gulu

P.O Box 482, Gulu

Tel: 0772589809

Private UNEB No. U0668  Non USE School

Charity College, Gulu

P.O.Box 687, Gulu

Tel: 0772530193

Private Non-Use School

Gulu Army Secondary School


Tel: 0772359414

Government Aided UNEB No: U1713  O’level USE School, Day

Gulu Central High School

P.O.Box 531, Gulu

Tel: 0772586959

Private Non-Use School

Gulu College

P.O.Box 912, Gulu

Tel: 047132119

Private UNEB No: U1054 Non-Use School

Gulu High School


Tel: 0772689714

Government Aided UNEB No: U0015 A’level USE School, Boarding & Day

Gulu Secondary School


Tel: 0772680862

Government Aided UNEB No: U0098  A’level USE School, Day

Koro Secondary School, Gulu


Tel: 0773471780

Government Aided UNEB No: U1927 O’level USE School, Day

Lukole Secondary School


Tel: 0772370225

Government Aided UNEB No: U0423 O’level USE School, Day

Nile Progressive S.S, Gulu

P.O.Box 137, Gulu

Tel: 0772576390

Private UNEB No: U1282  Non – USE School

Opit Secondary School

P.Obox 757, Gulu

Tel: 0772583221

Government Aided UNEB No: U0419  O’level USE School, Day

Pope Paul VI  Secondary School, Anaka



Government Aided UNEB No: U0131  O’level

Sacred Heart Sec.School, Gulu



Government Aided UNEB No: U0014  A’level USE School, Boarding

Sir Samuel Baker School


Tel: 0772885706

Government Aided UNEB No: U0003  A’level USE School, Day

St. Joseph’s College, Layibi


Tel: 0772611086

Government Aided UNEB No: U0040  A’level USE School Boarding

St. Thomas More Secondary School


Tel: 0772845178

Government Aided UNEB No: U0390  O’level USE School, Day

Trinity College Gulu


Tel: 0772880034

Private UNEB No: U2193  Mixed, Day, Mon-Use School

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