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 moses-photoYou are most welcome to KAWA Uganda where we provide information about the progress we are making in supporting schools in using ICT towards the innovative Education Skills Enhancement in Uganda. The education sector is crucial for developing the human capital of our country to innovate and find solutions for sustained and equitable growth.
Teachers in a large number of rural schools are still stuck in the 19th Century theoritical approaches of teaching, with no exposure to digital literacy. This restricts them and the learners from engaging in 21st century teaching and learning techniques and opportunities offered by ICT.
To address this, KAWA is using the computers provided by the government in 1034 government Secondary schools in supporting Primary and Secondary schools to integrate appropriate ICTs through a wide variety of education projects that cover areas such as in-service teacher training through blended learning approach, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), the creation of local Digital Educational Contentand development of teaching materials, as well as use of ICT for career guidance and efficiency in administration.

KAWA is a national provider of professional development services to enhance learning outcomes for educators, schools and children around the country. Leading the latest thinking on teaching and learning, KAWA offers a combination of blended professional development face-to-face workshops and online learning combined with Virtual teachers and mobile services to dramatically improve educational outcomes at national and regional levels.

It was founded by senior teachers of St. Mary’s College Kisubi, supported the old boys of the college and embraced by the Ministry of education, Science, Technology and Sports since 2011. It has now developed into a network covering the whole country with close attachment to Makerere University Business School.

The KAWA now boasts of 12 programmes at Certificate level, and all these are fully recognised by the Universities. The detailed description of each of these programmes  at different levels is indicated on the website. The number of collaborations, and partnerships at local, regional and international level are also indicated. We have a specialized research and consultancy bureau that offers advisory services to a variety of Primary and Secondary Schools in the region. The publications by teachers and lecturers have been made digital into ebooks ranging from text, audio, video, pdf, powerpoint and simulations are distributed through this platform. It has all detailed information about what you need to know to succeed in Education by providing links to each course, directorate, departments, as well as all academic.

I invite all to the KAWA  and it is a website that you will enjoy reading..

Moses Wamanga



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