Vision and Mission


Our Vision                                                                                                                 

To make the greatest impact possible to the life chances of learners by working with educators across the country to ensure they are trained, empowered and supported to be the very best.

 Our Mission                                                                                                             

To contribute to skilling Uganda through the provision of: flexible and innovative programmes of teaching and learning; distance and part time programmes to support career upgrades and re-skilling; information dissemination and Consultancy services; state-of-the-art ICT support services; continuous professional development; academic programmes that inculcate the entrepreneurial culture and; the opportunities for acquiring higher education by all persons without discrimination.

Core Values

KAWA is mindful of its strategic future plans and the historic perspective of education in a world that emphasizes nurturing  scientists, technologists and innovators who can transform and create new knowledge. Therefore the values of Kisubi Associated Writers Agency:

  • Professionalism: making sure that our team and the Community we serve conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards and taking responsibility of all their actions
  • Creativity: committing to stimulating the culture of scientific and technological advancement, innovation and practical enrichment to our stakeholders through a rich and flexible educational experience
  • Integrity: adhering to ethical and moral principles in all the educational and innovation processes
  • Transparency: seeking to provide accountability and value for money to the Educators and Learners.
  • God Fearing: KAWA is founded on the foundation of serving GOD and we believe that He gave this task to create condusive conditions for all.
  • Empowerment: offering unsurpassed practical opportunities to the stakeholders through industry oriented collaborations and incubation clusters in order to transform the educational environment
  • Community Engagement: working with the community to solve the real world problems as a focal point towards economic development
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