Our Team

KAWA team with Susy
Part of the KAWA Team: (R-L) Mrs. Olive Kyohere, Dr. Susy Maria Rogers, Peter Matsanga, Engineer Paul Rukundo and Moses Wamanga

KAWA Board of Trustees

  1. Mrs Valerie Wood Gaiger
  2. Olive Kyohere (Mrs.)
  3. Dr. Rev. Sylvester Adyeri Rwaka
  4. Clare Migisha
  5. Chotilda Nakatte C.B
  6. Dr. Kisitu
  7. Okello Alfred

Management Team

Moses WamangaNational Chairman, 15 years of teaching History, political Education, Geography and Computer Science with excellent results. As a master teacher and member of the International Education Resource Network and elearning Africa, he has a wealth of practical experience and a solid understanding of the application of ICT in Education. He has designed and conducted various workshops on how ICT can be effectively applied to yield a positive impact on the society. He is currently a personal Empowerment Advocate, Trainer in Adobe Programs and Chairman of KAWA. CV

Matsanga Peteris an author, Headteacher of Grace High School (www.gracehighschool.moes.ug) and former Head of geography Department at St Mary’s College Kisubi. He is also an International text book evaluation consultant and a member of the National Curriculum Development Centre Geography Panel that develops the curriculum and the teaching syllabus for the same subject. He has both theoretical and practical experience in different aspects of Geography at all educational levels that has enabled him to conduct workshops for both students and teachers throughout the country. He is currently the Director of Editorial Department at KAWA. Contact: matsangape@gmail.com +256 704150849 CV

Wananda Jobis an accountant and business developer who serves as the Head of Finance and Administration department at KAWA. He worked with Uganda Bureau of Statistics and Uganda Revenue Authority as a Systems Development Officer where he accumulated practical experience in applying ICT Development skills in various computer applications for individual and corporate affairs. He has keen interest in IT Dynamics including Strategic Management, Systems Auditing, e-commerce, ebanking and clearing and forwarding. Contact: jbwananda@gmail.com Mobile: +256772408866

Paul Charles Rukundo is an aerospace engineer and social entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about social change, equality and justice. He also believes that we have got a moral obligation and the opportunity to champion social causes for the betterment of society. He has accumulated a wealth of experience in the implementation the KAWA virtual teacher project. Contact: paulchalse89@yahoo.co.uk +256 792333138 CV

Kharende Isaacis a teacher by training and Pastor of the SDA Church. He was a formerly a Headmaster of Kakoro SDA Secondary School, Chaplain Kireka SDA, Mubende Light and Light College Bulenga. He has over 12 years experience as Marketing Officer with Home and Education Centre. He is currently serving as a Director of marketing and Sales Department at KAWA responsible for direct sales to parents, students and schools. Contact: ikharende@gmail.com +256 701877721 CV


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