The Third eLearning Uganda Conference

Elearners with facilitators

KAWA organised the 3rd elearning Uganda conference held at Makerere University Main hall on September 30, 2016. The Chief Guest was the First Lady and Minister of Education, Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni. The Permanent Secretary opened the the session with her presentation on the collaboration between KAWA, Microsoft and the Ministry of Education and Sports.

The presenters and participants focused on pertinent issues affecting our education and how technology can provide a solution. Economic growth and technological innovations are changing Uganda but how can the transformation be made permanent? How can the pace of change be quickened? How can we ensure that Uganda is not just transformed but able to compete in today’s and tomorrow’s markets? How can we encourage a new spirit of entrepreneurialism?

Olive Kyohere greeting PS

How can we boost capacity development, to ensure that Ugandans are ready to seize new opportunities in the future? How can we empower Ugandan educators and give them the tools they need to teach new skills? How can we enable students to make the most of a new world of learning? How can we put education and training at the heart of Uganda’s transformation? These are just some of the questions which our panel of experts will address.

Mobile technologies as potent means of support for social interaction and skills development in formal, non-formal and informal learning situations. How can Uganda truly make mobile learning a reality?

October 12, 2016

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