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 Online Courses 

electronic learning

Whenever you have access try as much as possible to explore the whole course content and communicate to the course facilitators and lecturers as much as possible.



           Certificate Courses

 elu log

 e-Learning Conference 2017

Audio, Video, internet

Remember if we teach today like we taught yesterday, we rob our children of their tomorrow.

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e-Learning Endorsement

Technology Champions

It has been endorsed and supported by key technology Champions such as Professor Venansius Baryamureeba of...

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Welcome to E-Learning in Uganda

KAWA Publishing House

This is our eLearning platform that provides notes, videos and presentations to make learning easy for you anytime anywhere. This is offline e-Learning solution for learners and Educators. It is an educational resource platform where content developed by the prominent teachers in the top performing schools and even students is shared by learners and educators in the Uganda.
The platform has been developed by the KAWA team withtechnical support of MUBS and UTAMU Universities. Developed because ICT holds a tremendous promise as anenabler of education growth and development. This acts as a repository for all our national classroom and educational activities.

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